The Economy
The economy drives America and Kansas. As mayor I oversaw $2.8 billion in private investment that created over 12,000 new jobs in Wyandotte County. We grew the economy by looking forward to new industries and opportunities. I support the US infrastructure bills so Kansans can work with dignity to support themselves and their families. Smart federal spending grows the public sector, not the government.
Public Education
The public schools in Kansas are the backbone of our local economic development and are key to community growth and attracting and retaining families and businesses. Our public schools must prepare our kids for meaningful vocational work and/or college. Every child should have access to a quality education.


Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. We must provide affordable healthcare to every person and every community. Too many rural and urban hospitals have closed, while politicians play a pointless culture war instead of expanding Medicaid. There have also been too many irresponsible conspiracy theories about this global pandemic and vaccines that risk setting our country back 100 years in public health and wellbeing.

Reproductive Rights
Every person has a right to decide if and when they have children. Access to affordable birth control is essential in every community. We need to defend the right of every woman to have autonomy over her body and make a decision about abortion. This basic human right should not be regulated by the government. We must especially stand up against inhumane abortion restrictions that offer no exceptions for rape, incest, and a woman’s health.
Working for the environment is a win/win for the planet and the people.  Emerging environmental industries offer new jobs and better long-term sustainability. We need to stop the culture war between liberals and conservatives and work together for a new, more sustainable economy that gives us the energy and resources we need.  It is a false narrative that we must choose between a vibrant economy and a livable planet.  America deserves both!
Voting Rights
We need leaders who tell the truth about our elections. Our votes are counted at the grass-roots level by honest Kansans and Americans. There is no widespread fraud in the Kansas or American voting systems.  Lies and conspiracy theories about elections undermine our democracy. We also need to stand up to gerrymandering, whether we are in a red or a blue state. We need to increase access for every citizen to cast a legitimate ballot.
Work for Justice
We live in the greatest state, in the greatest nation in the world.  We need to teach honest history about how far we have come and where we still fall short. Only with the truth can we heal broken relationships and build a more just nation. The Kansas and America I love are always celebrating who we are AND working to do better.
Campaign Finance Reform

Power must be returned to the American people. Citizens United allows untraceable dark money allows the few to control our politics and inflame a lose/lose culture war, thereby preventing Congress from crafting meaningful legislation. We must require organizations that spend money on elections to disclose their donor information. This applies to shell corporations that are currently being used to hide donor identities. Ads on social media and TVs should provide its funders so the American people know who's trying to convince them to vote a certain way. Reforming campaign finance is the main way to restore our democracy. I support federal action to end gerrymandering by creating an independent commission for redistricting. I will advocate for legislation to overturn the Supreme Court ruling for ‘Citizens United’ that is flooding our elections with dark money.

Stop Criminalizing Social Issues

Passing punitive laws is a shallow and unsuccessful way to address America’s social issues. We must stop criminalizing mental health, abortion, addiction, and gender identity. These laws only succeed in furthering cultural division and filling up our prisons. We must work together to craft meaningful policy that unites our country and helps those most in need.